Your old Disney VHS tapes may be worth gold.

This article may get old for you, the editorial staff apologizes in advance.

Who remembers wearing out his Disney tapes until the tape died? Yes, I’m talking about a time that people under 20 can’t know… Before Netflix, before Blu-ray and even before DVD, when we wanted to watch something other than TV, we would take a good old tape out from behind the bundles. At the time, you needed a video recorder (hip-hop) to watch our favorite movie in VHS.

And that’s where it gets interesting: if you’ve kept your old tapes out of nostalgia or love of the VHS, maybe it’s time to check the attic to see if it’s not a real treasure that’s sleeping there!

Indeed, on E-bay, some old Disney tapes are worth a lot of money! As the Sun points out, a VHS from the certified Disney collection “Black Diamond” can be worth between 7000 and 15,000 euros.

The “Classics” are the most precious

How do we know if our old tapes are worth money? It’s very simple, just check on the edge of the tape if you see the logo “The classics” written on it. If this famous logo is present, it’s a jackpot! All that remains is to drop them off for sale on specialized sites and you can enjoy the beaches of the Caribbean freshly paid for by La petite Sirène, Les 101 Dalmatiens et la Belle et la Bête!